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Stratus is a content delivery platform developed at SAPO and is being used by its main services since July 2014. SAPO's homepage, the leading news portal in Portugal, with over 1 million daily pageviews, was one of our first clients. We improved their page load time by serving more than 65 million of their news images per day. SAPO Mail, with more than 6 million pageviews per day, is also using Stratus to offload assets with excellent results (a 99.8% decrease in requests).

Our main goal is to serve content faster and in the most flexible way, with a special focus in Portugal and Portuguese-speaking countries (particularly in Africa), where our main clients need to  accelerate their websites and applications. We built a powerful caching engine and tied it together with advanced distributed systems and security measures.

Two years since our first deployment and one year since our first major client, we are happy to deliver the CDN of our dreams: fast, flexible and secure. One you can use to build a modern application.

The Stratus team is a group of young people mad over ideas and obsessed about performance. They go out of their way to raise the bar in what you would expect from a CDN and we could not be happier.

Please feel free to use the comments section to let us know what you would want to hear from us next.

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